TTE480 Time! First in Victoria has now been Vtuned!

Hi All,

We have been so busy here at VTA HQ getting customer cars ready and tuned, we have not done a blog post in some time, so here is an exciting one!

We completed the first TTE480 in Melbourne :-)
This customer previously touched base with us for Stage 3 fueling kit we offer to support his previous turbo choice which didn't work out so well!

Tuned with another company and running a turbo we won't name - 1 snap the wastegate and blow the turbo and when the 2nd went in, well the car just never ran right.

The day we heard from Isaac it was sad to here things were not going as they were planned. With such an extensive modification list - his car should have been tearing up the highway.

After a long discussion and the want for more power, the Team at VTA suggested the TTE480. His current turbo was similar spec to TTE420 (however personally felt lacked the quality)

Next day Isaac had a turbo he had sourced locally and we were ready to begin tuning.
Removing the previous tuners ECU and DSG tunes was a breeze, we also noticed the reason the car didn't run properly - Fuel pressure was low incorrectly set.

This Golf R had the below Modifications
- IE Intake Manifold
- Full Turboback exhaust
- Dual port DV
- Water Meth injection - Mistcharger
- Upgraded LPFP and Controller
- Upgraded HPFP
- Upgraded Relief Valve

All the goodies!

After 4 revisions we had the car running perfectly - hitting just shy of 2bar boost by 4000RPM, after we added Water meth and 2 revisions later running optimal as possible.

We recalibrated the DSG to handle all the extra power and torque and with a 5500 RPM Launch control, it has neck breaking launch capabilities.

Enjoy the video of this beast driving, next update will feature this car on the rollers setting some figures.
p.s. Turn up the volume!