About Us

About us

V-tech Australia is a Melbourne based Performance and Automotive parts specialist and workshop that specializes in European cars. We provide a vast range of products, services and tuning to cater to everyone’s needs. We are your go-to one stop shop.

Our Love for Cars!

We, at V-Tech Australia, are car enthusiast ourselves. Our love for cars and car modification is unparalleled. This obsession and passion are what made us reach this point. We not only love modifying our own cars but we love to help other individuals like us. We have a perfect understanding of how the wants differ with different cars and people, our experience has helped us develop this kind of understanding.

What Do We offer?

We provide the unique modification services in Australia. There are numerous qualities of V-tech Australia that will convince you that we are the good choice if you wish to modify your car.


Quality matters significantly when it comes to car modification. Quality components are always required on a quality car. We do not compromise on quality. All our parts are of the top-quality and proven with results.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is our foremost priority. We work according to the wishes of our clients and provide them exactly what they wish for. We work until our customers are fully satisfied with our work.


Our team specializes in the modification on VW, Audi range of vehicles. With years of hands on experience, our knowledge has grown. We know what parts work, which setup is required to achieve a certain power goal. We know parts, we know tuning and that is the best combination