Almost 10s Pass - Heathcote Raceway Update

On the 15th of March the team down and Vtech Aus took our Stage 3 shop Audi S3, Christo's Scirocco R (which has previously run 11.8 down the 1/4 @ Calder) and a new recruit, Stephen's MK7 R Manual Golf running same Stage 3 setup as our S3.

The purpose of this trip out to Heathcote Park Raceway was to test out the carts and give them a shake down as they had not been run down the strip for some time!

The S3 having a new setup and Stephens first time meant some testing was needed and further tweaks to the setup will be required to obtain that 10s Pass.

Sadly traction was a bit of an issue throughout the entire day for all entrants. Christo's Rocco even with drag slicks was spinning all the way to 3rd gear.

With plenty of learning, we gathered plenty of Data

Christo's Scirocco couldn't capture a 11s pass sadly this time due to traction issues so next time we are sure he will be out hunting a good time

Stephen's Golf was all about seat time and getting his shifts right. Nerves were definitely there!

The shop S3 came away with a great time which we will improve upon
We had a few runs but the runs that are noteworthy are below
11.3 @ 127mph
11.4 @ 129mph (almost 130mph)

Time to head back soon after some tweaks and run that 10s pass!
Stage Tuned!